Godrej Azure Possession Date

Godrej Azure Possession Date is a critical detail for prospective buyers and investors eagerly anticipating the launch of this prestigious residential project. Godrej Properties, a renowned name in the real estate sector, has unveiled its latest pre-launch apartment project, strategically located in Padur, OMR (Old Mahabalipuram Road), Chennai South. This project spans a sprawling 6.22 acres, featuring three elegant towers and comprising a total of 167 units. The diverse apartment configurations, including 2 BHK, 2.5 BHK, and 3 BHK apartments, cater to varying lifestyle needs, with dimensions ranging from 1000 to 1430 square feet

Godrej Azure Possession Date

Crafted with precision, our meticulously planned projects seamlessly merge opulence with practicality in every apartment, ensuring unparalleled luxury. Specifically, the 2 BHK units offer a comfortable 1029 square feet of living space, the 2.5 BHK units are slightly more expansive at 1226 square feet, and the Explore spacious BHK units boasting an ample 1455 square feet, ideal for accommodating larger families comfortably. Moreover, Prospective residents will be pleased to know that the Godrej Azure Possession Date for Phase 3 is slated for 2029, following its much-anticipated pre-launch in 2024.

In real estate, the term “possession date” refers to the specific date when the ownership of a property is officially transferred from the builder or developer to the buyer. This date is pivotal as it marks the completion of the property and the point at which the buyer can legally occupy their new home. The possession date is a crucial milestone in any real estate transaction and carries significant importance for both customers and builders.

One of the standout features of Godrej Azure is its emphasis on open spaces, with 70% of the project area dedicated to lush greenery and landscaped gardens, creating a serene living environment amidst the bustling city. Furthermore, the project is an IGBC Silver-rated community, underscoring its commitment to sustainable living and eco-friendly construction practices. Residents can enjoy a plethora of world-class amenities, including a state-of-the-art clubhouse, a dribble court for basketball enthusiasts, a fully-equipped gymnasium, an indoor badminton court, and a stunning swimming pool. Additionally, the project boasts a convenience store within the premises, ensuring that daily essentials are always within reach.

The Godrej Azure Possession Date for Phase 1 and Phase 2 has already passed, with both phases being successfully launched and completed. Residents of these phases are currently enjoying their homes, with the occupancy certificate (OC) duly obtained, signifying the project’s compliance with all necessary regulations.

Strategically located close to the Siruseri IT Park, Godrej Azure offers unparalleled connectivity and convenience for IT professionals and those working in nearby commercial hubs. The project’s prime location on OMR ensures easy access to major roads, public transport, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and entertainment options, making it an ideal choice for families and working professionals alike.

Investing in Godrej Azure promises not only a luxurious and comfortable living experience but also a sound financial decision given the project’s premium location and the developer’s reputation for delivering high-quality homes.

For customers, this possession date represents the culmination of their investment journey. From the moment they decide to purchase a property, buyers often endure a lengthy process involving financial planning, legal procedures, and waiting for the construction to be completed. This possession date signifies the end of this waiting period and the beginning of their new life in their new home. It is a moment of anticipation and excitement, where dreams of homeownership finally materialize. Additionally, knowing this possession date allows buyers to plan their move, arrange for interior design and furnishing, and manage their finances more effectively.

Furthermore, this clearly defined possession date provides buyers with a sense of security and trust in the builder. It demonstrates the builder’s commitment to delivering the project on time and adhering to the agreed-upon schedule. For instance, the Godrej Azure Possession Date for Phase 3, expected in 2029 following its pre-launch in 2024, reassures buyers of Godrej Properties’ dedication to timely delivery and transparency.

On the other hand, this possession date holds equal importance for builder. It serves as a deadline by which they must complete the construction and ensure the property is ready for occupancy. Meeting this possession date is crucial for maintaining the builder’s reputation and credibility in the market. Delays in possession can lead to dissatisfaction among buyers, legal complications, and potential financial penalties. Therefore, builder strive to adhere to the possession date to uphold their brand image and foster positive customer relationships.

Moreover, this possession date also impacts the financial aspects of the builder’s operations. Timely possession ensures a smooth cash flow, as it enables the final payments from buyers, which are often tied to the completion and handover of the property. This financial influx is vital for the builder to settle any pending dues, invest in new projects, and sustain their business operations.

The possession date for Godrej Azure Phase 3, slated for 2029, gives buyers ample time to plan and prepare for their new home. This planned timeline reflects Godrej Properties’ commitment to delivering high-quality residences while ensuring all necessary construction and legal processes are meticulously completed. For buyers, knowing the Godrej Azure Possession Date allows them to make informed decisions and arrange their future plans accordingly.


So, this possession date is a critical element that signifies the handover of the property from the builder to the buyer. It is a momentous occasion for buyers, marking the realization of their investment and homeownership dreams. For builders, it is a testament to their commitment to timely delivery and quality construction. The Godrej Azure Possession Date, particularly for its Phase 3 launch, exemplifies the significance of this date in ensuring a smooth and successful real estate transaction for both parties involved.

So, the Godrej Azure Possession Date marks a significant milestone for those looking to secure a residence in one of Chennai’s most sought-after locations. With its blend of modern amenities, sustainable design, and strategic positioning, Godrej Azure is poised to offer an exceptional living experience. Stay tuned for more updates on the pre-launch activities and ensure you are ready to make the most of this opportunity when the project officially launches in 2024.

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The Godrej Azure phase 3 project is currently in the pre-launch phase, awaiting key approvals such as Commencement Certificates, RERA registration, OC and the possession is slated for 2029.

These certificates verify the project’s compliance with legal and construction standards, ensuring it’s safe for occupancy.