Old Mahabalipuram Road – Chennai’s Tech Nexus

The Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR), stretching for 45 kilometres, links the Madhya Kailash temple in Adyar to Mahabalipuram in Kanchipuram district. Known as Chennai’s IT corridor, this vibrant area is a sought-after residential hub. Its strategic connectivity, numerous IT Parks, and planned infrastructural upgrades have propelled it to become a primary growth axis in Chennai. Moreover, the road’s bustling activity and development potential make it an attractive destination for both living and investment, solidifying its importance in the city’s expanding landscape. Indeed, Old Mahabalipuram Road – Chennai’s Tech Nexus is the heartbeat of modern Chennai.

Old Mahabalipuram Road – Chennai’s Tech Nexus

Until the end of the last decade, OMR was a quiet neighbourhood on Chennai’s outskirts. However, the Tamil Nadu government’s ambitious initiative to develop a comprehensive IT corridor along this stretch, leveraging the ample land and proximity to residential areas like Adyar, ECR, Velachery, and Thiruvanmiyur, transformed it entirely. Today, OMR stands as one of Chennai’s most desirable neighbourhoods, boasting high-end residential and commercial developments. This remarkable evolution has turned OMR into a bustling hub, attracting both residents and businesses seeking prime opportunities in Chennai.

The Origin of OMR

Adyar was once the northernmost point of Chennai, connected to Mahabalipuram by a single metal road. This road, surrounded by dense forest, saw only one automobile for tourists and locals. Traveling along this desolate path, an unsettling silence would often accompany you, reflecting the area’s isolation and untouched natural beauty.

This road was the director’s favourite, often used for filming action scenes and smugglers’ hideouts in black and white. Few buses and abundant cyclists marked its past. OMR has since transformed into one of Chennai’s most vibrant areas. In 1987, it gained prominence as a route connecting the Kotturpuram bridge to Mahabalipuram, a major tourist destination, firmly linking Taramani and beyond. The completion of the adjacent East Coast Road in 1998 led to the Mahabalipuram Road being renamed Old Mahabalipuram Road, reflecting its evolving significance.

The construction of the IIT at Guindy in the 1960s, spanning a 600-acre forest area where Rajiv Gandhi Salai now begins, marked a significant shift in decentralizing the city centre and land usage. This corridor initially thrived due to numerous institutions that attracted a dynamic crowd, supported by well-known universities. The intellectual hub, combined with a large influx of migrants seeking educational opportunities, laid the groundwork for the IT corridor. However, the economic liberalization of the early 1990s truly propelled this initiative, transforming the area into a key driver of Chennai’s growth and modernization.

The construction of Tidel Park and SIPCOT’s IT park in 2000 transformed the area dramatically. Today, OMR is one of Chennai’s crown jewels, offering exceptional connectivity, robust social infrastructure, and high return on investment, making it an attractive destination for residents and investors alike.

Social And Educational Infrastructure along OMR

OMR has emerged as a key employment hub in the city, driven by a plethora of IT parks and renowned enterprises. The corridor spanning from Madhya Kailash to Siruseri alone contributes three-quarters of the state’s software exports, hosting prominent establishments like Tidel Park, SIPCOT IT Park, and Futura Tech Park. Major IT firms such as TCS, Wipro Technologies, and HCL Technologies have established their operations in this vibrant area, solidifying OMR’s position as a prime destination for employment and technological innovation.

The allure of technological advancements, expanding infrastructure, and affordable rental rates has drawn businesses from diverse sectors to establish their offices along OMR. This convergence of industries has led to the formation of the Secondary Business District, providing a robust economic backbone. Moreover, it offers a wealth of job opportunities and economic prosperity that transcends any single sector. OMR stands as a testament to Chennai’s evolving landscape, fostering innovation and growth across various industries.

Due to significant growth along OMR, suburbs in the area were incorporated into Chennai corporation, enhancing their access to essential infrastructure.

The proliferation of major IT parks along OMR has catalysed the development of robust social infrastructure, featuring renowned schools, colleges, and hospitals in the city. Among the notable educational institutions are Vellore International School, Chettinad Sarvalokaa Education, and Gateway- The Complete School. Complementing these are fully equipped medical facilities such as Apollo Speciality Hospital, Supreme Hospital, and Chettinad Hospital and Research Institute. Additionally, the area boasts supermarkets and entertainment zones, making it a bustling locale. These amenities have propelled OMR to the top of the list as the most desirable location to reside in Chennai, offering a well-rounded and convenient lifestyle for residents.

OMR Connectivity

The OMR, running parallel to East Coast Road, facilitates seamless travel within its stretch and beyond the city limits. Additionally, the Thoraipakkam-Pallavaram radial route, intersecting with OMR, provides a convenient commuting option for residents of Thoraipakkam and adjacent areas. This network enhances accessibility and connectivity along the OMR corridor.

The city’s main train station lies approximately 34 kilometres away and is accessible via the Rajiv Gandhi Salai IT motorway. For local rail connectivity, the Guindy railway station is conveniently located just 16 minutes from OMR. Additionally, reaching the international airport, situated 24 minutes away, is facilitated by the GST road. These transportation links ensure OMR residents have efficient access to both local and long-distance travel options.

Future Infrastructure Projects

          Despite being situated on the outskirts of Chennai, OMR shines as the city’s premier rapid growth corridor. Ongoing and proposed                              infrastructure enhancements further bolster its promising future. These initiatives aim to enhance connectivity throughout the OMR area.                     Planned developments include:

  • Multi-deck elevated corridor: A three-deck elevated route, planned by the Tamil Nadu government, is poised to seamlessly integrate with the metro rail system, further enhancing transportation infrastructure and easing congestion in the city.
  • Phase 2 Metro: With a span of 119 kilometres from Madhavaram to SIPCOT, the second phase of the Chennai Metro is set to significantly benefit communities along the OMR, providing them with enhanced connectivity and accessibility to key areas within the city.
  • Chennai peripheral road project: This ambitious project aims to link four National Highways (NH5, NH205, NH4, and NH45) and eight state highways, offering improved connectivity from suburban areas to the city’s core, thereby facilitating smoother commutes and fostering economic growth.

Unlocking Investment Opportunities: Your Path to Financial Growth

Considering real estate investment in Chennai? Old Mahabalipuram Road, or OMR, is a prime location worth your attention. Here’s why:

High Rental Yield

Given the influx of IT professionals to OMR, rental properties are highly sought-after, ensuring lucrative rental income for property owners in the area. Discover Godrej Azure, the latest upscale residential development by Godrej Properties, situated in the thriving locale of Padur, OMR, South Chennai. With the successful completion of Godrej Azure Phase 1 and Phase 2, including the acquisition of the Occupancy Certificate, residents enjoy the luxurious lifestyle offered here. Positioned in the prime OMR location, Godrej Azure boasts high rental demand, promising lucrative returns for property owners. Excitingly, Godrej Azure Phase 3 is now in its pre-launch phase, offering unparalleled investment opportunities.

IT and ITES Hub

OMR’s renowned IT corridor, spanning from Madhya Kailash to Siruseri Sipcot IT Park, continues to grow, drawing professionals nationwide. The concentration of IT and ITES firms along OMR establishes it as a hotspot for real estate expansion, offering lucrative opportunities for developers and investors alike. As the IT sector flourishes, OMR remains at the forefront of Chennai’s urban development, fostering economic growth and innovation.

Infrastructure Development

OMR’s growth trajectory is remarkable. With expansive townships emerging and upcoming government projects such as metro connectivity and double-decker roads, the region is poised for significant development and transformation.

Affordable Lifestyle

Despite its numerous benefits, residing in OMR remains affordable. Properties catering to diverse budgets and preferences ensure that living here doesn’t strain finances, making it an attractive option for many.

Proximity to Amenities

In OMR, everything you require is conveniently nearby. From schools and colleges to hospitals and entertainment venues, OMR offers a comprehensive array of amenities to meet your needs.

Why OMR?

Advantages of choosing OMR as a residential area include:

Beachside Location

Living by the beach is a dream for many, making OMR’s beachside location a significant attraction for potential investors seeking coastal living opportunities.

Excellent Connectivity

OMR offers exceptional connectivity to various parts of Chennai and sits just a brief drive away from Chennai International Airport, ensuring effortless travel whether you’re navigating within the city or catching a flight. Moreover, with the imminent metro project, connectivity is slated to see further enhancements, promising even smoother transportation. The implications for simplified travel? It’s a straightforward equation: increased convenience and efficiency for commuters and travellers alike.

Future Growth Prospects

With infrastructure growth and flourishing IT hubs, OMR’s property market is poised for a significant surge. Investing today promises substantial returns in the coming years.

Prime Locations along the OMR IT Corridor

OMR stands out as Chennai’s premier destination, thanks to its wealth of excellent residential options. Explore the prime locations along the OMR IT Corridor:


In a life filled with gratitude, Perungudi emerges as a rapidly growing entity, offering the perfect setting to witness your investments flourish manifold. Positioned strategically between the city and its IT outskirts, Perungudi boasts a lifestyle characterized by seamless connectivity. With the OMR providing swift access to the city centre within 12 to 18 minutes, residents enjoy unparalleled convenience. Moreover, Perungudi has been earmarked for various infrastructural developments, promising a tranquil living environment away from the city’s hustle and bustle. Notably, the presence of the World Trade Centre, Chennai’s tallest commercial building, further enhances Perungudi’s allure as a burgeoning investment hotspot.


Thoraipakkam, nestled along the OMR in South Chennai, stands as a premier housing destination offering a plethora of residential flats and plots. Positioned along the crucial 200 ft Radial Road and strategically located on the OMR, Thoraipakkam enjoys easy accessibility and connectivity. Noteworthy IT centres like Chennai One SEZ, ASV Suntech Park, and Bahwan IT Park contribute to its appeal as a tech-savvy residential hub. Boasting excellent infrastructure, Thoraipakkam has become a favoured choice among investors and homebuyers, providing them with a conducive environment for growth and living.


Sholinganallur emerges as a prime choice for residents, offering tranquillity alongside convenient access to essential amenities. Nestled in Chennai’s southern suburb, it boasts proximity to reputable Schools, Colleges, banks, and Hospitals, along with a vibrant dining scene and thriving IT sector. As a vital component of the city’s IT Corridor, Sholinganallur enjoys seamless connectivity via MTC and TNSTC buses, ensuring easy commutes to various city hubs. Situated approximately 4 miles from the bustling IT cluster, the neighbourhood is poised for further enhancement with the proposed construction of a metro station in the upcoming phase, promising even greater accessibility and convenience for its residents.


Navalur has recently emerged as a bustling shopping destination, thanks to the influx of new Indian and international brand stores in the area. With prominent malls like VIVIRA and Marina, along with several smaller commercial centres, the neighbourhood offers a diverse retail experience. Moreover, Navalur is rapidly evolving into one of Chennai’s prominent IT hubs, further enhancing its appeal as a residential location. The convergence of major shopping hubs, residential complexes, and IT centres makes Navalur an ideal choice for families seeking a balanced lifestyle. Its proximity to employment opportunities and schools ensures convenience, while the availability of spacious and attractive homes adds to its allure as a desirable place to reside.


Siruseri stands out as one of Chennai’s most coveted neighbourhoods, thanks to its close proximity to the bustling IT corridor, impeccable infrastructure, and myriad other amenities. Its strategic location adjacent to the IT hub makes it particularly appealing for professionals employed in the IT sector. Boasting excellent infrastructure, abundant bus services, and convenient access to the metro station, Siruseri ensures seamless connectivity not only to the IT corridor but also to various other parts of the city. This combination of factors renders Siruseri an ideal choice for both residential and commercial purposes, catering to the diverse needs of its residents and businesses alike.


Kelambakkam, nestled within the bustling IT hub of OMR, offers an idyllic setting for those seeking serene yet luxurious living, away from the chaos of urban life and surrounded by the splendor of nature. This locale boasts upscale residential projects set amidst lush greenery, providing a tranquil escape from the hectic pace of today’s urban landscape. The rapid development of Kelambakkam-Vandalur Road has spurred increased infrastructural and residential growth in the area, captivating individuals in search of their dream home that seamlessly combines convenience with tranquillity, catering to all their lifestyle needs.

FAQ’s - Frequently Asked Questions

OMR provides seamless access to various parts of Chennai and beyond, with efficient transportation options, including metro connectivity in the pipeline.

With its booming IT sector, strategic location, and planned infrastructural developments, OMR promises lucrative returns for investors.

OMR boasts top-notch schools, hospitals, entertainment venues, and shopping centers, ensuring a convenient and fulfilling lifestyle for residents.

OMR’s ongoing infrastructure projects and flourishing IT hubs position it for significant growth, making it an ideal investment choice for the future.

OMR is Chennai’s thriving IT corridor, offering prime residential options, robust infrastructure, and high investment potential.